Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not just any mower.

Happy Mother's Day to me.  We got a mower.  This is a story and I wish I had my friends Phil and Jen to tell it to you because I am a TERRIBLE story teller and they are the best around.  So here we go.  We bought this condo in August last year.  It came with yard people and plow people.  Being our first spring we aren't sure how it works for them to start up again.  The grass had grown to about a foot high.  Already unsatisfied with the quality of their work so far Sean decided to get a mower and do the job himself.

I left it up to Sean...b/c I will not be mowing the yard anytime soon.  Small yard....I would imagine the above mower would be what he would look for..right?!  Apparently, I don't know my husband as well as I thought.  It's nice to know he can still surprise me, though.  He went out the other night to pick up our new mower that he found on Craigslist.  It was late so he put in the garage.  The next day he took B and I to see it.  Stunned.  THAT?  Ha!  Crazy.  It is over 30 years old.  Really.  

Well, today he tried it out on our overgrown lawn.  He knew it would be a task for this mower but he went for it.  After about an hour of struggling our across the street neighbor, who we have never met, came over and offered to mow our grass with his mower...that looks like the above mower...b/c he saw Sean struggling with the tall grass.  Then, our next door neighbor got home and talked to us while neighbor number one was mowing.  He said his wife called him while he was out and told him about Sean struggling with his "new" mower...that he should help him when he gets home.  Poor Sean.  At least they both agreed that the type of mower he got is actually awesome....on short grass.   So there's that.  Oh.  And we got to meet some neighbors.  

He was B's hero.  B thought he was the coooooolest.  He was dying to push it.  So cute.


  1. ha ha! I grew up mowing our tiny California yard with a mower just like this. I had to mow over it twice to get all the grass cut - ah, memories. Maybe getting the blades sharpened will help? Have fun!
    -Sara Evans

  2. this is the same kind we have too! yeah...if the grass gets too long it just kinda pushed it over and doesn't actually cut it. but, it does work well on shorter grass and if you do go over it twice, just change directions and that helps. this is the only kind we can get out of that crazy basement hole we have to store things in. ha!


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