Monday, May 9, 2011

Made it Monday: Art out of fabric

Nothing like a little Elmo to help an under the weather toddler feel beter.

Is it really only Monday?  

I got this fabric a while back with the idea to frame it for the wall:

Kaffe Fassett - Field Bouqet

The green pretty much matches the wall which made me very excited...I was sure I would never find fabric to match the paint color once it dried (!).  My idea was the cut it out with orange border to fit in a 12x12 frame.  Even though I liked this fabric and knew it would bring lots of color to the walls (my very colorful green walls) I was nervous about the intensity of the background color.  It's INTENSE!

I got some 12x12 frames and they came with 8x8 mats.  I was stressing about how I would cut the fabric to fit perfectly and not look terrible.  I just NEEDED to get that orange border in somehow.  Unfortunately, the panels were cut just short of 12 inches so some white background would be showing and I would probably  struggle to get a straight hemmed line.  So I decided to try it out with the mats.  Instant awesome.  Hiding the majority of the orange really helped the other colors to pop.  I expected the design to feel cramped or incomplete with the mats...especially being cut down to 8x8 but I really like it much better.  

The only thing I am not sure about is the color of the frames.  I like the lightness the dressers bring to the room.  The black TV with dark brown frames above it really counteract the effect the dressers had on the room.  Boo.  I'll have to think on it.  

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