Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cool fabric site.

I love discovering/being referred to new fabric sites....especially when they have tons of fabrics I haven't seen over and over and over.  I spent the latter part of B's nap exploring Fashionable Fabrics.  I am mostly looking for fabrics I can use in B's room...or just some inspiration for B's room.  I am having a tremendous amount of luck.  Here are a few I bookmarked:

Similar to my feelings about the plates picture from this post, I think this is sweet and pretty but it probably wouldn't make the final cut in my home.

I guess I got the small thumbnail of this one.  I love the color yellow and the I guess I like everything about it!

I love the combination of colors in this fabric.  

I really love this elephant fabric but I don't have any commitment to elephants...I just love how they have patterns in the silhouettes.  

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