Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coming home

At Seaworld

I am home from two weeks in sunny, warm, beautiful, lovely, homey Florida.  Sigh.  I was spoiled for those two weeks.  I got to see my parents and brother every day.  My Mom cooked every meal (Spoiled, I tell you.)  We went to Seaworld where we discovered that Brady would have had just as much fun on the moving sidewalk at the airport as he did at Seaworld since the moving sidewalk in Shark Encounters was his favorite ride of the day.

It was so strange to come home.  I am so glad to be home but it was strange to look at my house after being away for two weeks.  That's the longest I have been gone.  I spent my time away considering the home decorating issues I found most important before I left.  I came home and suddenly saw my house differently.  I don't know if it is because I just got away or because I lived for two weeks in a house decorated more completely but I can't believe how bare my floors feel.   I have only been home a few hours and already have a list of things that bug me that I didn't care too much about before I left.  And so my list grows.

I finally joined Pinterest.  I got an invite in January and kept forgetting to actually set up my account.  It's awesome.  If you haven't joined Pinterest yet...check it out.  You can document pics you find and want to keep on this site...and it will automatically store the source of the image.  Also, you can check out things other people "pin".   I ALWAYS find pictures I like and NEVER remember to record where I got it. Huge mistake now that I want to reblog the images.  If you are on there or join look me up!

So, I am back.  I am pumped.  Things are going to get going here....I hope!

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