Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women in Fashion

I am not fashion forward.  I come from Florida where I had flip flops for every occasion.  Tank top and jeans was my uniform.  I don't follow fashion from afar reading blogs and fashion magazines.  I read Bazaar...I watch red carpets.  That's about it.  But oh man I love reading about women in fashion.

I have read several biographies of Coco Chanel.  What a lady.  The best and worst description of someone's character I have ever read was about Coco Chanel.  She was described as having "acid charm".  I loooove that description.  I would be really disappointed if I was described that way but I wouldn't mind something I made being described that way.  Anyway, I respect everything Coco Chanel went through to get to the top...she grew up in an Orphanage and basically lived a made up life in order to escape that.  She faked it until she made it.  I love her ambition and confidence.  I envy it.

I am also in awe of Lady Gaga's commitment to her art.  I really hate when people just blow her off because she is a little unusual.  She isn't making fashion mistakes in borrowed dresses.  She is CREATING.  That is like dissing Jackson Pollok because it looks like something your 5 year old could do.   Just because it looks simple/easy doesn't mean it is unintelligent.  In Lady Gaga's case, just because it is a little unusual doesn't mean it's not deep.

via Mod Cloth
Until I read the article in this month's Bazaar about Daphne Guinness I had only heard of her a few times.  When I saw the pictures in the article I thought, "Aren't you a little old to dress like Lady Gaga?"  Then I read the article and found out that she is an INSPIRATION for Lady Gaga.  For some reason I have tremendous respect for that.  Why shouldn't Lady Gaga be inspired by something?  I guess I just never imagined it would be another human...?

Right after divorce.  via Harpers Bazaar
Today.  via Harpers Bazaar
Daphne Guinness' story is interesting.  She was married until she was 30ish and then underwent a crazy fast evolution into a crazy fashion icon.  I can't imagine the life where you can dress like this in public on a regular basis.  Performance artist? Yes.  Socialite/Fashionista?  I wonder.  Anyway, I think this she is pretty cool.


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