Friday, March 4, 2011

Why do I do this?

I always compare what I do to what I see in others' designs and feel like I did something wrong.  It's not just "Oh, maybe what I did is not great" but like..."Maybe what I did is horrible!" I bought an Expedit shelf system from Ikea....well, Craigslist...but it is an Ikea shelf.  (I wanted the 4x4 pictured above and when Sean got home from picking it up and I saw it was 5x5 I was disappointed...but then I realized I paid what I thought was a deal on a 4x4 for a 5x5 and I cheered up...It's huge, though!)

Then I got a bunch of different sized white Kassett boxes and three Pjas baskets.  I can store all my craft stuff (finally!!) and everything looks neat and tidy (when I actually put it all away).  I always see the Expedit-like bookshelves decorated really cute with lamps and vases, different types of storage..very mixed...less uniform than what I have going on.  I was so psyched at first...feeling very organized...but after seeing these pictures over and over I started feeling less psyched and uncreative about my space.  Why do I worry?  Who sees it?  It keeps me more organized craft-wise than I have ever been before.  It WORKS!

I saw this picture on Emily A. Clark today and I realized how much I have actually been thinking about the way I decorate my craft space.  It doesn't consume my thoughts but every time I look at it I critique it.  The shelf is filled with same exactly box size and type.  I need to calm down and do what works.  It would be so awkward to decorate my Expedit too much because no one really sees it and I need most of those shelves filled with organizing boxes.  Calm down, self.

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  1. your bookshelf looks perfect where it is and is totally organized. i think the uniformity of the boxes allows the other things in that space to shine~ like your beautiful artwork!


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