Monday, February 28, 2011

Made (half of) It Monday

It's Made (half of) it Monday!
I could use a little Florida river/spring in my life right now.
It has been a rough few weeks in this household....this winter with its snowstorm after snowstorm really makes sickness, pain, injury, etc. more difficult to deal with.  The bummer is that my entire temperament and mood have been affected.  Being negative is such an uncomfortable state for me.  I want desperately to snap out of it.  I hoped this weekend would set us all straight but Sean and Brady both got sick and then...more snow.  I want to scream.  Even writing in my blog has brought me down...mostly because every post starts with a complaint!  I have deleted or heavily edited every post in the past week.  Ah.  Maybe if I just leave this it will be therapeutic and I can move on and just write...

Let's hope.  Rant over.

The upside to being trapped inside this weekend is that I got three projects half done!  I wish I had some pictures of completed projects to share but...soon.  For now, partially finished projects.
I am trying to figure out what to do to the panels...
-I am working on a table skirt for my living room sofa table in order to mix in something other than brown leather or brown wood!

-I made some pillows for my bedroom that were a fail on two levels.  (Not a complaint but a fact!)  First, I learned something about scale with that project.  They were too tiny for my bed.  I don't mind, though, because I really didn't like the fabric.  I just wanted to practice making envelope pillows.   I bought some dinosaur fabric and started pillows for B instead.  He has a tiny pillow from a gift and he constantly tries to lay down on it....figuring out how to land with his head on the pillow.  It's cute to watch but a small part of me is worried that laying down on a pillow shouldn't be so hard...?!  These two pillows I am making will be bigger so hopefully a bigger target will be better for practicing laying down.  Second, the overlapping fabric didn't meet in the I have to make the back panels longer...the pillow size is 12x16 and I cut the back panels to be 6x16 and 9x16.  For my next attempt I will cut both panels to be 9x16.

-I am almost done with another pelmet box.  I will post about it when it is done....not to bore you with another pelmet box...but to let you know some important lessons I learned.  Things that might save you some of the frustration I went through if you ever decided to give it a go.  It is very different from my first box.

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  1. I remember when Madeleine did the pillow thing. It was funny to watch her try so hard to position the pillow then lay down on it. It took a while before she figured out the logistics of it all! Your projects are great! we are moving soon and i am really excited to get to try some out...


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