Sunday, January 9, 2011

Well, hello 2011.

Well, crap. I failed again. I know time flies but this is ridiculous. Life has been happening so quickily here. Soon after I made my promise to create 10 pieces and sell them on etsy..... I was invited to show my jewelry in an art show. It was a really fun and exciting experience. I sold a few of my necklaces! What a feeling. But then I had less than my goal of 10 pieces which was my excuse to not post them. Why am I so scared?! We also bought house that month and moved in AND left Brady for the first time to go to Italy for a week. Ahhh. Then, we got home and decided it was time for me to be pregnant again. Nausea. And. Exhaustion. Now I am in my second trimester and feeling mostly better.... so let's give it a go again.

I have a plan (somewhat) to get started. I have some home projects to post about since we've moved in. I am also taking pics of my few remaining pieces to post on Etsy..... today! I will post about that too.

2011: No more excuses. Let's do this.
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