Friday, January 14, 2011

Introducing Brady, the interior decorating baby.

Brady is 18 mo.  Every phase he has gone through has been pretty temporary....except this one.  Anything and everything he can reach gets pulled off, down, or out of where it belongs.  Nothing stays neat.  With every growth spurt another shelf on each bookshelf gets emptied.  Every drawer gets emptied.  Every counter must remain bare for the length of B's reach.

For instance, this sofa table looked nice....5 minutes ago.  Now it is home to a juice cup, a bath toy, a mysterious kitchen spoon, and you may notice the flower arrangement looks like it was thrown back in the container....because it was.  Lucky me that these lamps are seemingly unbreakable because they have each survived one or two falls from the table.  That picture frame gets carried around the house.  For some reason B enjoys putting it back on display...vanity?  I desperately want to re- do this table but I it will be soooo interesting if I change anything and I am not prepared for that headache.

Do you moms that love to have a decorated home have any tips?  I have considered glue and double sided tape!

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  1. Unfortunately, that is just what happens in the life cycle of a kid! Don't work too hard to make it perfect unless people are coming over, and he'll grow out of it and eventually understand that he's not supposed to pull everything down off tables! It'll be over before you know it....and then the new baby will be doing it :) ha ha!
    Sara E.


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