Monday, January 24, 2011

Art Walls

I like art walls.  They are all so unique...different frame colors, frame widths, frame spacing, no frames, white mats, black mats, no mats, etc.  As a whole the arrangement itself is art.  I really like them.  That's why it makes me sad that they are everywhere and I am getting so tired looking at them.  I used to stop when I saw them in a magazine and now I turn the page with only half of a glance.  

Thankfully it feels like editors are getting bored with the more standard looking art wall because I have slowly been seeing an increase in the theme...MORE....CLOSER!  LOTS OF FRAMES AND PUT THEM UNCOMFORTABLY CLOSE TOGETHER!!  Do my caps make you uncomfortable?  That's how this type of display makes me feel....but that's why I like it.  It makes me take a step back and think.  It's like modern art.  I like it for what it does for me mentally but visually I am unsure.  More, closer together almost feels like the dying attempt of the art wall to remain relevant.  But who am I?  Maybe art walls are classic and never out of style.

from elle decor
from eye spy
from lonny
skona hem via

my sleepy art wall

my sleepy art wall 2

All of that being said....I have an art wall (above).  Unfortunately, mine is arranged in the way I am most tired of seeing.  Maybe this will be added to my project list.  It won't be near the top but...maybe I will change it up eventually.  I like to have a lot to look at all around the house.  If I employed the "more, closer" technique people might feel overwhelmed.  I definitely see the amateur amateur attempt turning into one of those situations where you feel like someone has too many tchotchkes.  I almost feel that way about the professionally hung walls!  If I do keep it, I know I will definitely try to increase the feeling of texture you get from looking at the wall...mixed media.  Painting, collage, photo, plates, something more obscure.  

I really like seeing the inspiration behind things.  Although, the translation from something to my art wall isn't the most compelling the inspiring piece is too beautiful not to share.  This quilt was a wedding gift from my Mom.  I cherish this quilt.  It is one of the most beautiful things I own.  It has three things I like in interiors: color, texture and a geometric design.  I painted the mats to resemble the colors of the quilt.

Oh, and this is one trend I just can't get into.  I just ask, "Why?"  Living with this hallway can't be psychologically healthy.

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