Saturday, January 22, 2011

Airplanes and pearls

My Dad is an aerospace engineer who loves making things.  I get at least half of my interest in and talent for making things from him.  I mention he is an aerospace engineer because that is the formal term for rocket scientist and you can imagine the precision that goes into everything he makes.  He doesn't do something well.  He does it the best.  I guess I have picked up on that about him overtime.  I employ a "lite" version of that method in many cases...but I don't have the endurance to apply it to everything.  Sometimes I really like the Done Is Better Than Good method.

My Dad has an interesting hobby....since he was in high school he has been involved in the model airplane racing world. (Pause....a world of model airplane racing? What?...I know.  Just go with it.)  My Dad is pretty modest but from what I have gathered he is somewhat of a legend in some circles.  Like I said, he strives constantly for the best.  Recently, he and his flying partner teamed up with an innovative Australian team they saw making developments in plane design similar to what my Dad's team is working on.  In telling me about this new creative partnership he said this in regard to new designs:

"When you are doing something you have to ask yourself, 'Am I doing this because it is what I think is best or because it is what has been done?'"  

So. True.  I hope I have the courage to ask myself that question every time I am working on something.  It's boring to be the same.

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