Thursday, May 28, 2009

You can call me Em.

I decided this week to start a blog about jewelry.  I make jewelry.  I wear jewelry.  I look at jewelry.  I want to have a place to record my thoughts and hopefully initiate some conversation regarding jewelry.  

Jewelry is great because it can completely transform an outfit.  I love how even a small piece can enhance or, in some cases, be the outfit.  Personally, I prefer strong, interesting, and textural pieces worn with simple clothes....showcasing the jewelry.  It really irks me when a necklace, for instance, is worn just to be worn.  When it doesn't say anything and isn't interesting.  An opportunity wasted.  That's not to say that I don't waste many opportunities...but it is easier to see them wasted on someone else's outfits rather than my own.  

My dream is to one day sell my jewelry.  I have to admit that it scares me to move from giving it away to selling it because it will become more obvious if my jewelry is interesting or not, worth it or not, good or not.  Petrified.  I am getting there, though.  I hope to use this space to work out my thoughts on jewelry and develop a more distinct style...or to come to accept that I love options and will wear whatever, whenever my mood calls for it.  I don't know how that transfers into a business though...we will see.  

Sites like Etsy and Artful Home have not only given me some hope of selling my jewelry in the (near) future...but they have reinvigorated the world of jewelry for me.  They have opened my eyes to some really talented jewelry makers that I would never have heard of.  Also, Etsy offers a great community where you can communicate with the sellers.  The Artful Home contains more high end items..everything I hope to have the skill to create one day.  The next skill I WILL develop is metal working.  I WILL.  

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