Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rigby Polo

Truth...I made this for B in the...SPRING!...but I really don't enjoy sewing buttons so it sat unfinished.  Unfinished through the spring...unfinished through most of the summer.  Oh how pathetic I felt after it only took 15 minutes to sew the stupid buttons on.   I avoided a 15 minute job for for 4 months.....shameful. 

The pattern is by Shwin Designs again...the Rigby Polo.  I made it out of linen....which wrinkled as soon as I put it on him, of course.  What was I thinking?! looked great on the hanger and the first 2 seconds he had it on.  Is there a tutorial for photoshopping wrinkles?  I'm joking but also I'm sure that's a thing.

You don't want to know what bodily function I had to shout to get the above picture.  

When I cut this shirt...months ago...I didn't know as much as I know now and I didn't have the confidence to cut one size width and a different size for length.  Now I do and I will make a smaller width next time.  I really, really love this shirt but I it will look better when it's know..too big.  You can see what I mean if you look at the placement of the pocket.  When the shirt is laid out the pocket placement is correct.  But the way the shirt falls on B makes the pocket look offset to the right.

The collar of this shirt is my favorite part.  Shwin Designs patterns always have such nice details.  I learn something new with each Shwin pattern is make.

This picture is for the grandparents.

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