Friday, August 22, 2014

Lacoste Redux pt 2

I did not have another navy or orange shirt to use for B but I did have a black and gray.

I finally made the Anywhere At All tee by Schwin and Schwin.  I have had this pattern for a ridiculously long time.  It was fast and easy even with the changes I made.

I offered Brady one of the variations in the pattern and my variation.  While I was explaining it Brady kindly said, "Can you please stop talking to me about this?"  I sweet talked him and got to finish my pitch and the pic you see is what he chose.

Ahh.  Should have ironed the the hem so you could see it isn't wobbley.  Ah well. He wanted to try it on asap.

"Show me how this shirt makes you feel?":


I cut the arm band from the original shirt and sewed it to Brady's when the sleeve looked like it would be too short if I hemmed it. I made the collar out of the shirt fabric so it looked like a t-shirt and not like a polo missing a collar. This kid measured a 2T width and 5T length. AH.  I made a 3T width just b/c 2T felt crazy small.  It's a skinny shirt but....he is like it Dad and that is how he likes it.

It doesn't get much better than your kid loving what you make.  I have had good luck this week.  

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