Friday, August 29, 2014

Glass Onion Top Pt 2: Pleats and longer sleeves.

As soon as I finished this version of the Glass Onion Top by Shwin Designs I could not stop thinking about the pleated version.  All I could see in my head for days was the pleated version in a lavender linen.  Sadly, I couldn't find the color of linen I wanted at Joanns.  When I got home I decided to use a fabric I already had.   I HAD to make this shirt.

My main concern with using this cotton fabric was that it wouldn't hang the way I wanted the shirt to hang.  But when I finished it and  put it on the hanger I was surprised at how much I liked the look. The pleats looked great and the it hung well over all.

When she put it on, though.......I loved it!  It looks gorgeous on her.  The design surpassed my expectations.  The pleats and shape of the back make it so unique and beautiful.  Shwin Designs knows what's up.

I can't get enough of the back!
By the way...I am in awe of patterns with pleats on a curve.  I am sure there is an app for that or some business but I wouldn't know where to start if I had to make them up on my own.  They blow my mind. 

There are three sleeve options.  The earlier version I made was a cap sleeve.  This is the mid length sleeve.  The third option is a long sleeve.  I can't even comprehend the need for a long sleeved anything after the week of heat we had recently.  I was hesitant, even, to make the mid length sleeve!   

One more time

It's a good thing the back of this shirt is my favorite part...Whit and the camera were not getting along.  Most of the pictures were half closed eyes or her mouth was hanging open.

See you later!

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