Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mid-project RANT/lessons learned.

What kind of home decorating project would require a rant, you ask?  Roman Shades. Roman freaking shades.  They don't sound very intimidating or tedious.  They sound fun and easy way to incorporate a textile into your room.  Shoot me.  There are levels of difficulty.  I enjoy a challenge so I have stepped it up each time.  This third Roman Shade...I decided to attempt a professional level. I have learned a few lessons...maybe they will help you with your making a roman shade...or life...

My first attempt.  Went smoothly despite excruciating experience of sewing on each ring.

1.  PIN IT!  Pin it as much as you possibly can. I am working with a blackout shade and man is that a slippery mother.  I didn't know until I struggled through basting the fabric and liner together....then...after complaining to my mom about hand sewing the rings onto the back she recommended using the ribbon with rings pre-sewn on.  I am usually skeptical of short cuts but if she recommended it, I thought, "Why not?!"  Why not?  b/c that stuff slips all over the place on the blackout shade.  I bruised my nail trying to hold it in place and almost sewed through my finger a few times.  I was so angry after the first of three shades that I punched my desk after cursing more than I care to own up to.  Some of which was overheard by B..oops.  A 12 hour breather followed by some more advice from my experienced mother prepared me to tackle the second shade.  (those holes pins leave in the liner will decrease after ironing.)

2.  Use a zipper foot.  So much easier.

My second attempt at Roman Shades were my first with blackout shades and not even worth photographing...
3.  Take a break if you are frustrated.  I pushed through to the end of my first one but I probably should have stopped just short of punching my desk.  After a good nights' sleep the second shade was a much calmer experience.

4.  Maybe next time.  They may not look professional this time, but I am getting closer!

There you have it.  I will be back with official pictures of the project...unless it looks like crap.  One more (giant) shade to go!

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