Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I need more brains in my storm.

two chairs and a round table
the christmas tree
My posting has been crap lately.  I have had to be more realistic about my expectations of myself....before I have a nervous breakdown or something.  Apparently I can't do it all...or appear to do it all...as some bloggers I follow.  Now that Christmas is fast approaching...I have to focus on getting presents MADE....then I can spend the new year blogging.  (crossing my fingers)  Anyway...I digress.  More brains.
a cool chair to sit in the window?

I recently wrote about part of my present for Sean...Operation Man Space is what I will call it.  Not man cave...just a real place for his things...that isn't the garage.  Our garage is detached and so keeping tools and other man things in there means they clutter the house because no one wants to make the trip to the garage to put them away.  Probably not safe for our babies.  B has become quite handy with a number of inappropriate-for-two-year-olds tools.  Next to the space where I plan to house all things handy but ugly is a bay window.  I can't work on Operation Man Space without my mind wandering to the window and wondering what to do with it.  I have struggled with bay windows since my first apartment in Cambridge.  They really only fit one of two things:  A christmas tree or 2 chairs and a round table (1+1+1=1).  Also....what kind of window treatment do you do in a bay window?  So frustrating.

another cool chair to sit in the window...i loveeee this chair

I have put a lot of brain miles into bay windows only to run out of gas rather than reach a destination.  HELP!  Email, call, comment any ideas.  I need HELP.
some sort of amazing chaise lounge
Oh...the bay window is in my dining room.  I have bookshelves on most of the other wall space in the room...a table in the middle.  Currently in the bay window contains a sofa table that doesn't have another home.  There is about 25 inches between the floor and the bottom of the bay windows...not much wall space.

i have thought about the window seat...

this might be the best window treatment i have seen


  1. I think the window seat would be perfect for the bay window. For one, you can turn the lower part of the seat into a storage area for your books. Imagine sitting there while reading a good book on a laid-back afternoon. That would be surely enjoyable. =)

  2. Don’t feel frustrated, Emily. Bay windows are a great addition to every home. The window itself adds beauty to the space. When it comes to designing, you can opt to add a window seat or a complete sofa set, depending on your liking.

  3. There are actually a lot of things that can be done to bay windows. My favorite would be a window seat, or a chaise lounge, if you’d like something more unique than the Chippendale combination. But it all actually depends whether you value practicality or aesthetics. Anyway, what did you do to your bay window in the end?

    Ashlee Starns

  4. Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions. I painted a dresser in my dining room (where the bay window was located). The dresser wouldn't fit up either of our stair cases but fit perfectly in the bay window. So it stayed there.....until we moved. Now I have a house with a bay window/window seat and my dresser is under my TV.

    Thanks again for the suggestions!



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