Monday, August 1, 2011

Made it Monday: Jewelry

Having a young baby has made my time to work on projects both unpredictable and shorter in length.  It has been perfect for catching up on my jewelry projects which has kept the creativity flowing.  I don't know what it is like for you guys but I get more and better ideas if my creative muscles don't take a break.  Light workout include working on ideas in a journal that I carry with me everywhere.  Heavy workouts are actually carrying out those ideas.

I got the Jewelry for Joey pendants done.  I posted about the Jewelry for Joey earrings last Monday.  The pendant is very similar.  The pearl and bead are larger and the green bead is a different shape.  It is $10 and all proceeds go to the Howell family.

The pendant hangs from two braids and two chains.

These are two necklaces I added to my Etsy shop.  The top necklace is extremely long.  The bottom necklace is a conservative length.  For details go here.

I didn't post much last week.  It is strange how you can miss a blog.  Every alone moment I had last week was used to recover from the terrible twos taking over my house.  This week, as long as the terrible twos allow it, I will be posting regularly again.

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