Thursday, August 4, 2011

Boston Craigslist finds - "brass"

This morning I searched "brass" on Craigslist and here is what turned up that I would like to buy.

I really want these lamp tables.  Really.  I would paint them and love them.  They are especially tempting because they are just down the street at the Antique Co-op.  

 I think this Chinese medicine cabinet is pretty cool.   If this wasn't $300 and seemingly old and valuable I would love to buy it and paint it....

Peacock-esque fireplace screen, anyone?  If only I had a fireplace...

Solid brass post office boxes.  Interesting.  Only $250?  Crazy. Someone go get them!

I love that this hutch is described as handsome.  I love the woodwork over the glass doors and the hardware.  Only $350!  It doesn't disassemble in anyway, though!  Yikes.

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