Saturday, July 9, 2011

1985, FUN, male belly shirts, + lamps...?

pay no attention to the laundry everywhere....shameful picture.

Today I was watching Girls Just Want to Have Fun and spied on Sarah Jessica Parker's desk the exact same lamps sitting next to my bed... slightly different color.  I am still unsure how I feel about that.  I bought them at an antique store this winter and my like for them was at about 85-90%.  My issue is with their shape.  They look like urns.  On the other hand I love them because they are the EXACT shade of blue I want.  Well, now that I have seen them in a 1985 movie (meaning the style is undeniably 80s...not 70s/80s or 80s/90s) my like for them is wavering.  Does the awesomeness of the movie outweigh the lameness of the era's general style?  Not sure.. Helen Hunt wears a space shuttle, dinosaurs and a cricket (or some other bug)  in her hair at different points in the movie.  Seeing as how none of those styles or the lead male's belly shirt + blazer look really caught fire....perhaps the lamps should be replaced eventually.  Just a thought.

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