Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Country music, jewelry design, street art, and Incubus

Here is a little example of where my head is at this week.  Yesterday I bought both the new Blake Shelton and Incubus albums.  I have been listening to them on shuffle for hours.  What kind of mix is that?  A good one for me right now.  It's like a pregnancy craving...except a sleep deprived background noise craving.

The sleep deprivation is worth it for this little lady.  I am enjoying W so much.  She is laid back and sweet and growing the most kissable cheeks I have ever seen.  Also, she was born with a head full of her Dad's hair which I love.  It's so soft and cute.  Please don't let it fall out!  It is exciting me so much.  I was afraid I lost it forever.

And because this is how my mind is working this week....I wish I was in LA/going to LA soon so I could see this exhibit:

"Art in the Streets is the first major U.S. museum survey of graffiti and street art. "

What an appropriate city for this exhibit to take place.  Although it will focus on LA's role in street art it sounds like a really well-rounded and complete collection.  If you are in LA...go for me?

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