Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hex Nut Bracelet

I am a little more than obsessed with HonestlyWTF.  I don't know how you attack unread posts on your reader but there are a handful of blogs I check for  updates before I go through the list in chronological order.  HonestlyWTF is one of the few I check right away.  They are fearless in the DIYs they tackle and they have such a distinct style.  I find so much inspiration looking at their blog.

They have three jewelry tutorials that I want to try.  Today I made the hex nut bracelet.

Aside from how it looks, the best part of this bracelet is the cost to make it.  $.98 for a pack of 8 brass hex nuts and $2 for a very long roll/spool (?) of small rope.  I used two packages of hex nuts.  So...hooray for a low cost project.

I first made the bracelet exactly like the tutorial in order to get a feel for the bracelet.

I love it but I wanted to see it with bigger braids.  To do that I cut three strands twice the recommended length and folded them in half.  I  braided the center of the strands together for about 2-2.5 inches and then tied them together.  I did a fishtail braid instead of the regular braid and threaded the hex nuts as described in the tutorial.  After the second fishtail braid I split the strands in half and did two long braids that tie to the loop to close the bracelet.

I am pretty happy with the alterations and will be wearing that version for a while.  If....When I make this bracelet for someone else I will try to make it look more polished....maybe replace the two braided strands at the end with a toggle bar.  The hex nuts are pretty heavy so by having something more substantial than a knot on the other end maybe it will keep the bracelet a little more balanced.

Tada.  It was cheap, easy and fast!

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