Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not ready to blame it on my thumb.


A few weeks ago I went to the local garden store and bought some begonias and dahlias to pot and keep in my house.  I read online that both would be fine as house plants and how to pot, water and keep them growing.  Also, I believe plants are pretty resilient so while I was getting to know them they might not be their best but they would live long enough for me to figure them out.  Untrue. They are not surviving me and each seems to have its own problem.  So I will not yet be assigning a color to my thumb.

-Begonia 1:  Lost all of its flowers almost immediately. The leaves still look there is hope.

-Begonia 2:  Was doing great until about two days ago.  It looks under we will see how a little more water helps it.

-Begonia 3: Looks AWESOME...except at the base.  When I pulled gently on it the entire plant broke off.  Apparently this is due to over watering.  How can I have one over watered and one under watered?  I think it has to do with some help I got from a very tiny man named Brady.  He helped me water them when we planted them.

-The dahlia is beautiful but the leaves have started to get white fibers on them and lots of little gnat looking bugs flying around it.  It's really strange.  I have yet to find an explanation of this on google.  I put it outside to get the bugs out while I figure out what to do.

-I bought a succulent plant that is THRIVING.

WHAT IS GOING ON!?  So weird.  I want to try again but I think I will have to consult someone with some plant knowledge before I spend the money.

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  1. Begonias are hard! I haven't tried dahlias yet. I am in the process of slowly killing a geranium, which I thought were supposed to be indestructible. I think I also overwatered, and it just can't seem to bounce back.

    I know it's a bit of a hike, but I recommend buying the plants at IKEA. They are cheap (of course) but also seem to be hardier than the fancy plants I have bought at places like Mahoneys. And if they die after a few months, you only spent a few dollars!

    ps - I love succulents!


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