Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My next watch

My mouth is watering.  I have been on the hunt...well, that sounds aggressive...I have kept my eye out for my next watch for a few years now.  My "good" watch....i.e. not a fashion a beautiful Bulova watch my parents bought me when I was in ninth or tenth grade (1999/2000!).  I have bought a few fashion watches since then but as the name suggests they go out of fashion.  My Bulova is fantastic.  It still works and it is simple.  There is some wear and tear but mostly the size is outdated.  That's really my only complaint.  With Sean getting a VERY nice new watch about a year ago, I feel even more entitled to a new watch.  I know you don't care that he got a new watch but I am justifying my future purchase to myself.  Why won't that stinking Bulova just break so I can feel guilt free?!

The only watch in the years I have been looking that has caught my eye enough to try and find something like it is Kate Hudson's gold watch in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.  Here is the pathetic result of my trying to find a picture of it online:

All you can probably tell is that it is delicate and gold.  The other feature I like is the rectangular face.

In my attempts to find a similar watch I bought an antique online.  (for CHEAP...$10)  It's pretty hard to find a new simple gold watch with a rectangular face these days.  Anyway, I like how the watch looks in has a really cool band but the part of my arm on which it rests cuts my forearm off (visually) awkwardly.

In addition to having the very common hobby of model airplane racing (as I wrote about previously), my Dad also collects watches and service pins.  Apparently, some companies have service these two collections have occasionally collided and he has ended up with service watches.  Even MORE random he ended up with a woman's service watch.  ConAgra to be exact.  Wouldn't it figure that it fits beautifully and has a great design?  Too bad it says ConAgra on the face!  I wear it from time to time and should know that almost no one (until now) would have known about the ConAgra logo.  As I write this I am not even sure why I should care that it says ConAgra.  It's just a strange thing to wear when you have no connection to ConAgra....


So here we are and I still do not have a new "good" watch.  Maybe I should say "everyday" watch.  I don't need a Breitling watch.  (But I wouldn't object to a Breitling watch as a gift...Dad.  Just kidding, yes I would...I wouldn't be able to bring myself to wear something that expensive on my arm so it would sit with my cheap fashion watches.  That would be a shame.)  I just need something that won't fall apart with everyday use and will go with most outfits.  Nothing has really grabbed me in a while.  Until today.  Honestly...WTF featured tortoise shell watches.  I think tortoise shell is fierce always but in a watch it is FRESH.  After seeing the group she assembled I am officially on the HUNT for a tortoise shell watch.  I emailed Sean to let him know.  Push present?

Bonus: none of the above watches are insanely expensive!

If you want to know the brand/price of each of the above watches click the "via" link.  

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