Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Made it Monday Tuesday: Canvas Tote

After getting jumpy excited over this tote last week....the size and the look and actually being able to make it...I quickly ordered some striped canvas.  When it arrived I was extremely disappointed to realize I had overlooked the word "outdoor" in the description.  Bummer.  Well, I went to Joann's this weekend and bought some solid colored duck cloth (on sale!) and got to work.  It didn't take that long and it was pretty flipping easy...and it's HUGE.  I have a beach bag that I will gladly find a new home or use for.  It was always annoyingly too small for whatever I wanted to use it for.

Sadly, the color was lost when taking this picture.  It is an avocado green.  The striped canvas is much more exciting looking but I love my bag.  Perhaps I will stencil something on the pocket or add a button to liven it up.  For now, I am ready to get it to the beach...until I remember I am 8 months pregnant and want AC 5 minutes after being outside.  Soon enough!


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