Friday, May 27, 2011

Craft Fail Week


Not a lot of posts this week due to craft failure upon failure.  I hate messing up crafts...especially when the failure is due to a stupid mistake.  The time lost is depressing.  Nothing to show for my work.

Lesson learned this week:


I saw this great tote tutorial and got over excited about doing it.  I ordered some canvas fabric immediately.  My hasty purchase resulted in me owning a yard of outdoor canvas. Oops.  If you know of something great to do with outdoor canvas that isn't an awning or seat cushion, let me know. Oy. Disappointed. I wanted to make that tote this weekend.

After a little pouting I was still itching to make a bag and decided to try a different tutorial with fabric I already have.  I was so pumped to get started that I made a few stupid mistakes. I didn't bother to check all my fabric stashes for a liner fabric.  Instead, I altered the pattern in order to use one fabric as the outside and liner pieces.  Having only made a handful of bags in my life why did I think I would be able to just change the size and it look right? The finished bag is wonky.  Too small with straps that look too long.  It's like a child size bag with adult sized shoulder straps. So frustrating.

So I have opted for pouting and venting over quality posts. 

Remember... haste makes waste.

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