Thursday, April 7, 2011

Something new to rest my feet upon.

We have a coffee table we purchased at Christmas Tree Shops about 4.5 years ago.  I love it.  It's still going stro....well, it's still in one piece.  After a few moves and a kid it has some battle scars.  It's glass top now rattles when you walk by it.  I would love to paint it....and paint the wrought iron detail under the glass top.  It's just not working anymore.  The coffee table is a long narrow(ish) rectangle.  We have a sofa and love seat that we arrange arm to arm at ninety degrees...I am having a moment and can't describe it better than that.  It's perfect in front of the sofa but awkward with the love seat because the short end is all you get and it is not necessarily centered which feels off.  It's also slightly too high.  I think it's time to upgrade to something that fits the space a little better.  We have room for a big square upholstered ottoman.

It looks like a burger....via Restoration Hardware

What are your thoughts on that style?  It's everywhere....but there are so many options with fabric.  I could practice patience and try and find something perfect already.  Knowing what it will probably cost makes me a little sick...b/c I know how much cheaper it would be with a little elbow grease.  Patience for getting just what you want is easier when you are an active participant in getting it made rather than just searching online or in stores.

via A Stroll Thru Life

I could make the entire thing from scratch.  It would be a PROJECT but having seen it done by my parents....I know it can be done.  I imagine it would be quite a learning experience, though.  I will do it one day...but I am not sure I should dive in quite yet.  Start with something easier...smaller.

Jenny's DIY 2.0

I could marry the two and head to Craigslist.  Find something old and reupholster it with fabric I want.  Thanks to Jenny from Little Green Notebook I wouldn't have to restrict my search to large square ottomans.  I could include large square coffee tables.  She turned a square coffee table into a nice ottoman....twice.  Check it out here and here.

Decisions. Decisions.

Check out this guy from Anthropologie:  Love it or hate it?  He's special.  Nice legs, though.


I like the leg to top/fabric proportion of this one:

It can also be perfect tufted:

This one is sweet and awkward looking.  It kind of looks like a big sponge but it's also oddly luxurious looking.  A luxurious sponge:

What kind of coffee table/ottoman do you have?

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  1. I love the upholstered look. It's like an ottoman-cum-coffee-table and I think it's fantastic. The biggest issue to me is you can't set as many things on it and with as much stability as a traditional table. However, they look so nice with a pretty tray as a flat surface. Also, bonus: soft corners for little foreheads.


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