Friday, March 18, 2011

My men decorated!

Sickness hit our house this week...again.  I have been focusing on getting well so we have a good trip to Florida next week!  B and I are flying alone for the first time.  While I am gone (two weeks) my posting might be as frequent as it was this week.

Last night, while I was cooking dinner, B and Sean decided to do some decorating in B's playroom.  Since he was tiny, B has been intensely interested in all things basketball.  I wish I could get in his little mind and figure out how/why.  Neither Sean nor I are basketball fans.  We don't watch it.  We don't play it.  Brady can't get enough.  One of the ways I could bribe him to eat while he has been sick and lacking an appetite is to show him basketball pictures from Sports Illustrated.  "Take two bites and you can see a picture."  This may sound terrible..but his appetite is back and we don't have to bribe him anymore.

Sean managed to sneak in one hockey picture and one soccer picture.  Brady loves it.

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