Tuesday, March 22, 2011

House Stalking

Sean, B and I were walking through Cambridge one night this winter to a birthday party when suddenly Sean stopped in his tracks almost making me fall into the snow.  I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out why he stopped.  He didn't say anything.  After starring down this driveway for a few moments he started walking again.  After waiting a while for him to explain I asked about it.  He said the driveway at the house he looked at is heated.....wait, what?  It's a man thing, I guess.  I am amazed he noticed out of the corner of is eye.

This weekend we were driving down the same street and he pointed out the house.  I have noticed the house before.  It is a pretty beautiful old house in one of my favorite styles...Mansard.  As I am trying to get a glimpse at the driveway to see what Sean might have seen that would make him know the driveway is heated.  No snow on the driveway after a winter like we have had would be suspicious but our next door neighbor removes every speck of snow from his driveway with a shovel...so my mind wouldn't leap to heated driveway.  Anyway, as I am looking something catches my eye.  Do you see it?  The very modern building behind the very old house? 
So now I am obsessed.  I want to know everything.  Is it an odd extension of the Mansard?  Could they fit a modern house behind the house in front?  Who are these people?  Were the designers worried about putting such a modern house in such an old neighborhood?  Were they less worried about it because it is practically invisible?  I have been trying to figure out how I can see more of it.  It would be really stalkerish of my to walk back there and check it out.  So I googled it.  (ha)  After some searching I found it on Zillow!  

It is a separate house built on the lot behind the Mansard.  It is huge.  It has a waterfall in the backyard.  And, yes, the driveway is heated.My thirst for knowledge about this house is not fully quenched yet.  I want to know more.  I'll keep stalking...online.


  1. I knew it was a heated driveway because its coblestone and there was no snow or ice in the crevices. It's just a logical deduction, really.

  2. Ha. I see...you didn't say that. I guess I was too busy not falling in the snow to observe the crevices.


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