Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Projects!

So I set my goal for this weekend to get a tray for my island.  I found a tray but not the tray. It's a small wooden tray I plan to paint and use on my desk.  Unfortunately, the inspiration didn't come to me this weekend.  Still on the hunt for the island tray!

I was able to get a few other projects finished this weekend.   It feels so good to finish things!  When we moved in we went on a painting spree.  Included in that spree was our bedroom.  In the hot August weather I imagined a blue and white room.  I thought it would feel fresh and crisp and airy!  Now it is January and it just feels cold and sad.  Last week I chose a few other colors that might add some depth to the room.


I am sure interior designers have some better process for picking color for a room.  But this was the best I could come up with and it inspired a very fruitful weekend.
Once we painted our walls our Pottery Barn duvet cover was "I-can't-live-with-it" wrong.  So I got a cheap white duvet cover from Ikea.  Over time and after many snowstorms I have regretted the all white on the bed but haven't figured out what I wanted.  Then I saw this post on Little Green Notebook.  Jenny sewed binding tape onto simple white duvet covers and it added just enough to the bed for me.  Because I am not very experienced with the sewing machine and this looked simple (and cheap!) I decided to give it a go.  I learned a few things while doing don't look too closely.  Now that I know I can do it I am thinking of trying a more involved pattern on the other side...something Regency inspired in a different color?  
Please excuse my least it's clean.
While I was out looking for a tray I stumbled across those two bedside lamps at the Antique Co-op in Malden.  They just happen to be the azurite paint color which was fantastic.  And they were only $20 total!  I have to get some new shades but this was the best surprise of the weekend.

In a desperate attempt to keep the color additions coming to my room I found this container at Christmas Tree shops for $1.29.  

I painted it Lagoon and gold.  Later today some silk peonies and magnolia flowers I found will find their home in it.

As you can see, my room is a work in progress.  Adding just these little things has made my room so much more comfortable!

Things I want to get done:
-Find a shorter bedside table for the right side.
-When it gets warmer paint the bedside tables Martha Stewart Pebble.
-Make pillows for the bed!

I love that scene from Along Came Polly, which is a terrible movie, when Ben Stiller takes a knife to the insane number of decorative pillows his ex-wife had on the bed.  (It's been a while since I saw that I hope I am remembering correctly!)  Sean was particularly amused by that scene as he hates having extra pillows.  That's why I have hesitated in getting any for the bed since we got married....but a few pillows won't kill him.

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