Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Every now and then something really strikes me and I can't forget it.

I remember the first time I saw a picture of Madeline Weinrib Ikat pillows.  It was the color and pattern of the pillows but also the colors they were set against.  That image often pops into my head.

My best friend's Mom had a necklace made from pearls she collected overtime.  It's hard to explain but it is the most badass you could imagine pearls being.  It is a pearl rebellion and I love it.  Every time I go shopping for beads I wish I could find pearls like that....but my friend's Mom is a gem stone dealer and has access to pearls that I can't afford at this point in my life that are purchased in places that would be dangerous for me to enter with my wallet.

Who knows if this will stick with me but all day yesterday I thought about this picture I saw on Little Green Notebook.

It was a good day to have this picture in mind because I ventured out to a fabric store for the first time without my Mom.  My Mom is an interior decorator and she has PERFECT color memory and finding fabrics that work together is second nature.  I on the other hand, feel overwhelmed and lost in a sea of fabric.  This picture was so inspiring.  I love the femininity of the floral contrasted by the bold black and white stripe.  I wouldn't say stripes are masculine but they feel very masculine against the floral which tones the femininity down.  I went to the store with a little more excitement and confidence in florals as I tend to shy away from them.  I came home with some exciting samples.  Now to figure out what I want to do with them.  Stay tuned.

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  1. everything that madeline weinreb does is spectacular! the rugs are to die for!

    check our www.premierprintsfabric.com for some nice fabric that is relatively inexpensive. i haven't ordered from there before, but thought about ordering some samples for some throw pillows.


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