Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY: Cake Plate

I was talking crafts with some ladies at the art show my jewelry was shown in.  One of them mentioned making a cake plate out of a plate and candle stick holder.  I can't for the life of me remember who it was or I would give full credit...sorry.

I started this one in the fall with this intention of it being a Christmas present but set it aside when I realized how many Christmas presents we had to pack for our trip to GA.  Santa was a bigger deal this year.  I opted for a gift that was more suitcase friendly.

It's really simple.  It would be great to take a dessert to a get-together and leave the cake plate as a gift.

I bought the plate at HomeGoods for a $6 and the candle stick holder at Ikea for $ .50.  I opted for a more simplistic candle stick holder because the person to whom I am giving this is a guy that has modern taste.


I primed, painted and sealed the candle stick holder and then glued it on to the plate with E6000.  

I call this a cake plate DIY b/c that is the idea...For this gift, however, I used a small plate and would probably call it a cookie plate.

P.S.  I have mentioned this before but I hate/am terrible at taking pictures.  I hate it because I am terrible.  My husband has more patience and talent than me but would only stand by and advise me as I took a million pictures of this project.  None of which I am happy with.  It reminded me of getting help on my math homework in high school from my Dad.  Neither would come CLOSE to giving me the answers...but I guess that's how you get better.  I ended up minoring (word?) in Math in college....hopefully my photography skills only get better.

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