Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I - I - I - I - Bugatti.


I'm not sure I need to write any words.  This car is incredibly beautiful.  Unbelievable.  Until I saw this bugatti recently I have only ever drooled over one other car:


I have been "jokingly" asking for this car since..mmm...Middle School.  I figure if I keep asking, then one day someone might just up and give me one...right?  Well, I was informed recently that to have the OIL CHANGED in a Porsche Carrera is $3000.  They have to remove the engine or something to change the oil and it requires equipment special to the car.  Don't quote me..but that is the gist.  Holy Crap.  Maybe I will start asking for a Carrera and a Trust Fund.

It's a beautiful car.  That Bugatti though....might be edging the Carrera out of the top spot.  Just look at it.  How badass would you feel driving the Bugatti?  Oh god.  It's so good.

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