Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm coming along. I'm coming along.

I have been watching toooo much Thomas the Tank Engine.  Why do the coaches always repeat themselves?

Anyway, my living room is slowly coming along.  This weekend we got a rug!  After much debate my husband won.  A soft comfortable rug we got.  (I love Kilims and would only own Kilims if he let me)  I know this color is going to be frustrating with kids works.  Carpet shopping has proven to be too overwhelming for me.  There are so many options...colors...designs...materials....high/low pile.  ahhh.  This rug adds nice texture to the room and makes it so much more cozy and welcoming.  It's way more comfortable for the babies to play/sit/lay on.

love the texture

beach glass pendants

I was talking with Susan, the woman who sold us the rug, and she makes jewelry and sells it on Etsy.  She works with metal and stones.  I want to learn metal working so badly!!  Anyway.  Always happy to meet another jewelry maker.  She makes some beautiful things.  While exploring her Etsy store I discovered she water paints too.  

I love the movements and colors of this painting.

This weekend was nuts.    B got his first stitches.  He was so tough.  Thank GOD Sean was home.  I barely kept it fact, I lost it for a few minutes and had to leave the room.  He has had his entire hand bandaged for the last twenty four hours.  He has managed incredibly well.  I am impressed.


  1. Number one: Loooovee the rug. Love.
    Number two: Claw boy! That bandage makes it look so dramatic. He is such a trooper!!

  2. ahaha. You are right. Disclaimer: He got four stitches people!! He is two so he has to have it super protected!


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