Thursday, April 28, 2011

A tray and a little inspiration

New project alert.  I finally finally finally figured out what to do to the unfinished wood tray I bought at a craft store a few months ago.  I have been beating my head against the wall trying to figure out what to do with this tray...because I want to use it.  I don't want to put in any effort unless I am committed to the result, however, because I don't love painting.    I have been considering everything....gluing a fun piece of fabric to the tray...painting it solid colors...painting it a few different colors....painting a pattern...etc.  Then it hit me today.  I love when inspiration almost literally slaps you in the face.

Inspiration fascinates me.  I love seeing the inspiration behind someone's see how someone's mind interprets an image or an object resulting in something totally new in a new medium.

Here is how it all happened for me today.
Marimekko fabric, Joonas Black
This morning I was reading this post on Small But Mighty Interiors and saw the above sofa.  I don't love the picture of the piece of fabric but I love how it looks in the picture of the sofa.  It is because the angle of the photo breaks up the pattern and makes it look random.  That then caused this image to come to mind almost immediately:

from the Hundreds

I loved this the minute I saw it years ago.  It was my desktop background for a long time.  I love how jagged and edgy it looks....but it also looks like you could make it in Paint.  The randomness of it is was really gets me. 

So....I am going to take these images and the reasons I love them and paint a tray.  Excited.  

(I am posting this without the after because I need a little shove to get started.)

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