Monday, April 25, 2011


This Monday's Made It Monday project is delayed due to a baby with a fever and an exhausted Mom.  I am so close to being done with my excited.

Sean and I made a list of things we need to get done before the new baby arrives.  o.ver.whelmed.  Of course, I am only interested in the pretty things and not in the more practical things.  I have been looking at mobiles.

I know there are all these expensive motorized mobiles that play music and flash lights.  Something about those feels unnecessary to me.  Maybe they are magic and my life would be better if I had one but I am probably not going to get one.  For B I got a cute dinosaur mobile made of stuffed felt dinosaurs from Etsy.  It's toast at this point because once B could stand and reach it...well, the dinosaurs became separated from the mobile.

Here are few cute mobiles on Etsy.

I like all the colors and varying shapes of this mobile.

I think this is a wall hanging more than a mobile to hang above the crib but I love it.  It is so stinking cute.

 Something about this mobile is absolutely sweet.  The colors, the shape of the elephants and the fabric used on the ears.

I love the shape of these owls.  You'll see an owl mobile at the bottom which I think is sweet but I am a little tired of that owl shape.  These owls look kind of sly.  

I like the silhouette idea of this one but I wish it had color!

 Cute little owls with lots of color.  Adorable.

I might attempt to make a mobile...add it to the list.  I have come across a few DIY mobiles that would be fun to try.  Now to just find those projects I came across.  I wish I could make adorable felt critters.  Maybe one day.

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  1. There are pictures of the mobile I made on my facebook. So fun!


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