Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New TV

This weekend Sean bought a new TV for us.  We are (finally) moving into the age of flat screens.  We have never been on the cutting edge of television technology.  We didn't have cable until we had Brady.  And we only have a decent sized TV because some friends who moved faster than us to a flat screen donated to us their clunker TV.  I think before that we had a 13 inch Sean saved up to buy when he was a kid.

I am thankful Sean was into researching....I know it's important but I have no interest.  Less than no interest.  He tried a few times to include me on the details but was consistently met with a blank stare...he graciously moved on each time.  My biggest concerns are how big and where it will go.

How big?

Good question.  Here is a helpful guide I found on Crutchfield.  It shows the size you should get based on how far away you will be viewing the TV.
Sean decided on a 46" Samsung.  He taped it out on the it is bigger on the wall than it looks in the store.

Where to put it? Where to put it?

I learned form Sean that eye level is preferable for the best view.  Our sofas are low...that puts the TV lower than I imagined.

-Unless it is really creative I don't want a "TV stand" under it to contain all the ugly boxes it takes to watch TV and movies.  I consider a TV stand to be a low piece of furniture that is made specifically for a TV to sit on/right above it.

-Sean isn't opposed to raising it up a bit so I can put a dresser under, style, color and a homey feeling.

-I have a sofa table that I could use.  I have this table (pretty much) but I just covered it with a table skirt. It won't be great for holding the boxes because it is pretty shallow.
apartment therapy
-Above a fireplace seems to be the popular placement right now.  I don't have a fireplace but I often wonder about the how smoke and heat affect the TV.

This is what I want to achieve with the placement:
  -blends into the surroundings
  -isn't the focus of the room (I think this is going to be difficult to avoid)
  -it is interesting and unexpected

Three above images from the Decorologist.


  1. Now ANOTHER thing I have to come check out!!

  2. I love the look of that last picture!


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